Видео: COLD STEEL- IRON PROOF 2018- Tuff Lite

COLD STEEL- IRON PROOF 2018- Tuff Lite- Complete Impact & Weight Hang Tests

Warning: The tests and cutting feats performed in this presentation constitute abuse of the product and are potentially very ...

Cold Steel Tuff Lite - Overview and Review

If you would like to support my channel, follow this link to my Patreon! https://www.patreon.com/metalcomplex As an Amazon ...

Cold Steel - Tuff Lite Series

DescriptionTough enough for any job and light enough to always be handy, Cold Steel's Tuff-Lite folders are there when you need ...

Cold Steel Tuff Lite

Checkout Pap's channel here: https://www.youtube.com/user/thatspapsknife63 Background music by Persson: ...

Cold Steel | Tuff Lite

Мощный и крепкий для реальной нагрузки, при этом остается удобный и легким в ношении. Tuff Lite Blue - разработ...

Knife Review: Cold Steel Tuff Lite

The best non-murdery Cold Steel knife made so far. Here, I compare it to the venerable Spyderco Delica, show all the pros and ...

The Cold Steel Tuff Lite Vs. The CRKT Pilar

Today we are pitting the CRKT Pilar against the Cold Steel Tuff Lite and you get to pick the winner. While similar, they both have ...

Test Cold Steel's tuff lite

Das tuff lite von Cold Steel ist wirklich taff, der Zwerg kann eine ganze Menge!

Cold Steel Tuff Lite Quick Review

A quick overview/review of the Tuff Lite from Cold Steel.

Cold Steel Tuff Lite Folding Pocket Knife Review

Cold Steel Tuff Lite Folding Pocket Knife Review.

Cold steel tuff lite... almost perfect

So here's a review of a cold steel knife from my collection, that's right I don't hate cold steel knives regardless of what some may ...

Cold Steel Tuff Lite до и после SPA - классная штука!

Инстаграмм: https://goo.gl/LTZVeE Вконтакте: https://goo.gl/qrN3XB Knife SPA на Ганзе: https://goo.gl/MPkGh7 пароль "я ...

Spyderco Native Cold Steel Tuff Lite Comparison

Here I'll be comparing two smaller knives that I really like the Spyderco Native FRN and the Cold Steel Tuff Lite.

Cold Steel Tuff Lite knife review

Giving my 2 cents on the Cold Steel Tuff Lite.

Cold Steel Tuff Lite ... И яйца

Маленький да удаленький епта.

SMKW Get to the Point: Cold Steel Tuff Lite

This Cold Steel lockback really is a fantastic, light EDC that works well and gets the job done. Check it out: ...

CS20LT Cold Steel Tuff Lite.

CS20LT Cold Steel Tuff Lite. Nože Nůž Knife Knives.

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