Видео: Finland, Alhojarvi - DiRT3

DiRT3 - Alhojarvi Run In Finland by Uritziel69 [HD]

Legal : I don't own the music in this game. Done this run in a manual gearbox, I drove on my lame ass keyboard, enjoy it! :D.

Dirt 3 - Kuhmoinen National - Finland, Alhojarvi

Game: Dirt 3 Track: Finland, Alhojarvi Website: http://zainsgaming.wordpress.com Twitch Channel: ...

DIRT3 | Finland - Alhojarvi Gameplay HD

Release Date: 2011. May 24. Minimum System Requirements: CPU: AMD Athlon™ 64 X2 2.8GHz, Intel Pentium® D 2.8Ghz ...

DiRT 3 Gameplay PC - Finland, Alhojarvi

Car is Fiat Grande Punto. Video is recorded with Fraps at 1920x1080, converted with AMD Video Converter. Specs Processor: ...

Dirt3 NEW WORLD RECORD Ford Focus RS WRC 1:14.747 Finland, Mutanen, Class-PRO

PS3 Class and stage Mutanen Leaderboards on end of this video , 4 replay's PS3 WORLD RECORD Ford Focus RS WRC ...

Dirt 3 Advanced Finland Alhojarvi

1st place 1:26.727 Advanced/Hard No Assists 100MPH Objective.

Smelter, Houghton Sprint - DiRT3

Time to open up the garage & dust off the true drift king: The Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X RallyX. Continuing with the 'story ...

DiRT3 - Rally - Finland - Alhojarvi

Audi Sport Quattro Rallye - Audi Sport.

Dirt3 Finland Tupasentie Rally

My best time so far...( 2.33.392) need more practice ...

Smelter, Dredger Duel - DiRT3

Back with the trusty Fiat Grande Punto Abarth Super 2000 - time to tackle the next world record! World record verified by ...

Dirt 3 - Finland - ALHOJARVI

Flipped my car and still won lol.

DiRT3 FiNLAND - PRO Alhojarvi 1m16,139

now as fast as friend Camron monts ago ))) My time is placed as nr.82 in leatherboard.

Dirt3 WR Finland Alhojarvi Pro Focus RS WRC 1:13.544 chrisrep

just a little improvement on my last WR here,,,, Settings 451431 (for anyone interested)



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