Видео: Focal 165V1 6.5" Polyglass V1 2-Way Component Car Speakers

Focal PS165 Performance Component 6.5"

Focal PS165 Performance Car Speakers Component 6.5" 2 way Component Speakers max power160 Watt rms sensitivity92.5dB ...

Focal Polyglass 165 V1 (VB)

Focal Polyglass 165 V1 (VB)

Focal Polyglass 165V30

This is a review of the Focal 165V30's 2 way component speakers.

Focal Polyglass Speakers Overview | Crutchfield Video

Focal Polyglass Car Speakers: http://www.crutchfield.com/i-rytvc05S/shopsearch/focal_po... Focal uses advanced ...

Focal Utopia Be 165W-RC Car Speakers Overview | Crutchfield Video

Find Focal Beryllium speakers that will fit your vehicle at http://www.crutchfield.com/i-rytvc05T/shopsearch/Focal_Ut... The ...

Focal PS 165V1

The PS 165 V features a Polyglass Cone for a neutral sound without coloration and a phase plug for better sound dispersion.

FOCAL Polyglass 165V1

6.5 吋 分音喇叭 法國品牌 FOCAL.

Set de medios Focal modelo PS 165V1

Conoce a detalle este Sistema de bocinas tipo componente de 2 vías de la marca Francesa Focal.

focal ps 165V1 Unboxing

focal ps 165V Unboxing Focal Performance EXPERT PS 165V1 A sound upgrade is a reinvigorating investment in your car, and ...

MyCar : Focal PS165 upgrade (2)

My car speaker upgrade from stock to Focal PS165.

FOCAL Polyglass Components (KIT 165VB)

FOCAL 6.5" Component Speakers powered by FOCAL SOLID 4!

FOCAL 6.5" Polyglass Component Speakers (KIT 165VB)

FOCAL 6.5" Component Speakers powered by FOCAL SOLID 4! (TEST VIDEO)

FOCAL: Comparatif Polyglass PS-165-V1 & PC-165

ENGLISH: USE A GOOD HEADPHONE TO LISTEN This is my first video comparing different speakers. Here, the Focal PS ...

Focal Factory Tour 2015 #5

hxos eikona ηχος εικονα audio technology test.

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