Видео: The Six Ninja Tools - The Truth

NINJA TRUTH Episode 6: Concealed & Hyorogan

The ninja used various tools and weapons on their secret missions. To protect themselves in dangerous situations, they used ...

Top 10 Facts about Ninjas (Ninja tools)

Everyone loves ninjas and we are no exception. This is our very own list of the Top 10 Facts about Ninjas. Hope you enjoy it.

Naruto And Sasuke Gets Power From The Sage of The Six Paths

Naruto And Sasuke Gets Power From The Sage of The Six Paths, naruto, sage of the six paths, six paths naruto, sasuke, naruto ...

Six tools of the Shoninki

A ramble about the Six tools of the ninja from the Shoninki. Here's the blog I keep referencing: ...

Ninja Tool Collection

Here I show my entire ninja tool collection from various historical manuals such as the Bansenshukai, the Shoninki, and the ...

Surprise Mother Fcker! - The Ultimate Ninja Tool A Naruto Story Part 2

NarutoXDeathNote. Ryuk is bored again, but the Human world has changed alot. Naruto's friends grew distant causing him to be ...

The 16 Ninja Tools of Iga

To get to the book, click here ...

ninja tools

This video is about ninja tools.

NINJA TRUTH Episode 5: Ninja Fire Arts

The ninja are said to have been proficient in the use of gunpowder long before guns were brought to Japan, and to have invented ...

Ninja - Unmasking the Myth - DR Turnbull

A somewhat long review of Turnbull's new NINJA book. get the books here: ...

Silent Sandals, Ninja Tools, and the No Name Walk

Here I demonstrate the use of various tools used by the shinobi (ninja). Taken from the Bansenshukai and the Shinobi Hiden ...

The Truth About Amazon Product Launch Giveaways - Viral Launch, Six Leaf, ZonJump, & Rebate Key

Get Your Questions Answered in the Ultimate Podcast About the Latest Trends in Amazon Product Launches Via Giveaways!

Asian Boss Ninja Response

Ninja Skills by Antony Cummins Out Now.

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